Testing Process

(Actual Underwater Testing Photo)

1.) A special piece of color changing paper is inserted inside the DryCASE.

2.) The DryCASE is fully submerged in to tank of water.

3.) The DryCASE is removed from the water and carefully inspected, even the slightest indication of water inside the case the product is thrown away.

(Actual Air-Tight Testing Photo)

1.) A pump is inserted into the DryCASE and the air is vacuumed out.

2.) DryCASE is left sitting for 12 hours with the pump inside.

3.) If the pump inflates at all (showing air has entered) then the DryCASE is thrown away.

MetLabsTestedDryCASE was recently tested by a world class 3rd Party Environmental Testing Laboratory confirming that DryCASE is waterproof to 100 Feet! But don’t take our word for it, check out the 3rd party test by clicking here..

Photo Contest

Win big by entering the DryCASE photo/video contest!
Wet phones are no fun. With DryCASE you no longer have to worry about ruining your phone or camera while in close proximity to water.
If you have a great picture or video to show of your underwater excursion using DryCASE, we want to see it! The entrant with the most creative photo or video wins!

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