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3 gifts anyone will love for Christmas

3 gifts anyone will love for Christmas
For all of you last minute holiday shoppers out there, DryCASE is happy to suggest 3 of our products guaranteed to be a great gift for anyone in the family.

IMG_2771 (1)
Our new floating waterproof speakers with Bluetooth capability are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone. The suction cup attached to this waterproof wireless speaker not only allows it to travel with you on your boat, kayak, and other water adventures, but it is also great for the shower. A great gift idea for everyone – after all, who doesn’t like to jam out in the shower?

2. DryCASE
Everyone has a cell phone these days, and the great thing about the DryCASE is that it is a waterproof case that fits any phone type (shown above with an iPhone 6+ fully submerged in an aquarium!) Want to buy your loved ones a case that ensures 100% waterproof protection for their phone or camera? Look no more – this product is not only perfect for people who want to have their phones by their side at the pool/beach; The armband attached makes it a great gift for daily swimmers& for runners who still want to listen to their music in the rain.

3. DECA DryBag
Our DECA drybags (offered in 4 colors shown above) have 10 liters of waterproof storage space. The Decaisthe perfect pool/ beach bag and the 2-way purge valve also allows it to be a useful cooler. This is a 100% waterproof bag that FLOATS..who wouldn’t want to receive this drybag on Christmas day?
These are only a few of our great gift ideas. Check out our entire selection to find the perfect waterproof gift for the ones you love.

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