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"What is your favorite thing about working at Dry Corp?"

"What is your favorite thing about working at Dry Corp?"
On the heels of being selected for one of Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work (#45), we decided to pull the office and ask everyone what their favorite thing about working here is.
DryCase Sales Team
Kelly Brown – DryCase Marketing Assistant
“I love walking into work to the feeling of a family environment. I have bonded with each and every employee with the help of our office cookout each Friday.”
 Colby Sato- DryCase Sales Coordinator
“Cookout Fridays are my favorite because we can all eat and enjoy a break in our day”
Jay Turner- DryCase Director of Marketing
“I like being able to take a break in my day to shoot some hoops out back.”
Cullen Seward- Promotional Sales Director
“After every sale, my fellow employees ring the sales bell, but instead I shred a wicked base solo over Elton John’s seminal record “Rocket Man”.”
Mike Kelly- DryCase National Sales Manager
“The camaraderie between all of the employees and the laid back atmosphere make this one of the best places I’ve ever worked. And beer.”
Ryan Duron- DryCase Account Executive
“I like the travel because I got to spend a day visiting hot springs and “Circus Circus” on our Las Vegas trip.” 
DryPro Sales Team
Jake Houck- DryPro Account Executive
“Taking a break and throwing a couple of darts helps me relax during the day. I even have the current “Dart Champ” title.”
Bob Hiatt- DryPro National Sales Manager
“I loved the trip we took to Chicago and being able to see the John Hancock building with my coworkers.”
Angie Poage- Customer Service Coordinator
” I love the laid back atmosphere and that I can enjoy a beer on Friday during cookout.” 
Morgan Green- DryPro Director of Marketing
“I love being able to have the opportunity to travel and sight-see while working at the same time.”
The Warehouse Crew

Kris Parker- Production Manager
“Being able to work in the fresh air makes my day easier.”
Steve-O Whitmore- Production Line
“Teamwork makes the dreamwork.”
Devin Melville- Production Line
“My friends here are my family.”
Tyler Muller- Production Line
“Being surrounded by my friends makes the job a whole lot easier.”
Graham White- Shipping Manager
“I like having my own space to work where no one is standing over me telling me what to do.”
Accounting Team

Jenni Fleming- Accounting Assistant
“My favorite thing about working here is the people that I work with and the casual office atmosphere.”
Lisa Cummons- Controller
“I love having my own office where I can focus and work in peace and tranquility”

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