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Best Waterproof iPhone 7 case

Best Waterproof iPhone 7 case
So how water resistant is the iPhone 7? According to Apple, the 7s are rated to 3 feet for 30 minutes. DryCases waterproof certification is rated to 100 feet for 1 hour. That being said, the DryCase depth record has been set at a staggering 308ft by one of our awesome customers. At trade shows, we leave a phone in our DryCase for 10 hours a day. With our patented vacuum seal, the user has full touch screen functionality and can take crystal clear front and rear facing pictures. The same quality pictures can even be taken underwater!

Long story short, if you’re going to be on the water with your new device, DryCase is the best waterproof iPhone 7 case on the market for you.

Pictured here: iPhone 6+ with hard case

The Perfect Fit!
With the iPhone 7+ and 6+ being the same size, Apple’s new poster child will still fit comfortably inside a DryCase with an existing day to day case already attached. Learn more about the DryCase right here.

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  • Corey Heim