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DryCASE A New Toy to Keep My Toys From Getting Wet

DryCASE  A New Toy to Keep My Toys From Getting Wet
Two weeks ago I got my hands on an interesting product that's going to help me take my Adventure Blogs for Bald Head Island to a new level a DryCASE.

DryCASE is a waterproof, vacuum-sealed, crystal-clear bag for electronic devices.

I know what you're thinking, Great, but hows that going to make his Adventure Blogs better?

Well, for starters, if I'm paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking or doing something where I may get wet, I can leave my camera in my Sea-to-Summit dry bag and use my phone, which shoots 5 mp (plenty for web-quality photos) to get some action shots and even video.

I wish I had one at the start of summer when I went paddleboarding for the first time. I was way too nervous to bring my camera, but with my phone in the DryCASE hanging around my neck, I could have taken some awesome first-person shots to let you see what paddleboarding is all about. It would've been awesome to have when I went sailing too.
So, the DryCASE comes with a buoyant armband (so my phone won't sink if I fall out of a kayak), a lanyard, and a waterproof headphone jack. Oh, and a sticker for your car/kayak/helmet/trapper keeper (I wish Mountain Hardwear would send me a sticker, I love their logo and I buy enough of their gear, come on Mountain Hardwear, send me a sticker already).

Before I used it, I had one concern about DryCASE the responsiveness of my phones touch screen through DryCASEs heavy plastic. The answer is fine. It's a little slow, about like having two screen protectors on the phone, but doesn't hinder the operation of the phone at all.

When I went to Bald Head Island this week and it was raining and the ferry was sort of splashy, I put my phone in the DryCASE, plugged in my headphones and was fine. At the end of the day, after walking around and driving a golf cart in the rain, my wallet was damp but the phone was dry.

As I was listening to Pink Floyds Animals on the ferry ride back to the mainland, I thought of a brilliant invention that I could sell to the creators of DryCASE waterproof headphones. Turns out they already have them.

The only problem I found with my DryCASE was fitting my phone into the pouch. I have a silicone protector on the phone and it was a little sticky when I was putting it in. Once I took the protector off, the phone went in quite easily, so problem solved, but if the bag were only slightly bigger it would accommodate phones with cases a little easier.

DryCASE has just released a larger version that fits iPads, Kindles and other tablet-style devices. I imagine that if I had an iPad I could use it as a GPS unit on a boat or kayak without worrying that it'd get ruined, but I don't. As it is, I could use my phone as a GPS or even use my GPS as a GPS in the smaller DryCASE and navigate just fine.

All in all, for $40 ($60 for the iPad version) its an awesome product for beachgoers, water-sports enthusiasts and snow-sports enthusiasts (I remember sledding with my walkman in a sandwich bag in my pocket, you probably don't have a walkman, but you get the picture snowboarding with your iPod or phone protected from getting wet = win).

Even though the DryCASE is going to help me get some better pictures for this and other blogs, my favorite thing about it is that its a local product. Dry Corp, the company responsible for DryCASE, is headquartered right here in Wilmington, North Carolina. As a small-business owner, I love seeing a local company succeeding and competing against larger national brands. They couldn't do it without a good product and DryCASE delivers.

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