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DryCase Saves The Day for Lynda

DryCase Saves The Day for Lynda
The following is Lynda’s story word for word as she told it to us. We liked it so much, we wanted to share it with you guys.


It was Father’s Day 2016. The weather was beautiful, the winds were relatively calm. We launched our kayaks off a shore along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My son passed away at 1 day old at the end of last year. This was his fathers first Fathers Day and unfortunately, it was a particularly heavy day emotionally for the both of us. We decided on the kayak fishing trip to try to enjoy some part of the day. I had purchased the DryCASE Waterproof Case for my iPhone a few weeks before, and upon kayak launching, had the smarts to tie the case to my kayak. I never had a worry with water splashing onto my phone since the case seemed pretty secure. Cut to about3 hours later, a storm had rolled by and what rolled with it was about 20mph winds. Not the greatest kayaking winds (especially when you’ve put a few of the ol’ cold ones back). I decided to launch my kayak on the south side of the island where the current is stronger, the shore break waves are larger as there is now no island to break the choppiness of the Gulf of Mexico. “Just a quick paddle,” I thought.
I absentmindedly decided not to tie off my DryCASE to my kayak since I was only planning on a quick paddle. I laid it “securely” in my lap. I launched. Maybe 3 paddle strokes in… ROGUE WAVE (meh, this is how I’m telling the story). I flipped my new kayak for the very first time. I was laughing hysterically when I broke the water’s surface – I was still in shallow waters and could stand. I turned my kayak right side up; my kayak-mates were running towards me from shore. I’m laughing with them… and then I remembered… I never tied my phone case to the kayak. We searched for about 20 minutes – phone and case were nowhere to be found (including the credit card and driver’s license that was tucked away in my phone case). I activated an old flip phone, ordered a new license and credit card, and decided to wait a month and a half for an upgrade to get another iPhone. Cut to12 days later. A note is left on my front door. “Lynda, this is Mark J. I believe I found something of yours. Call me.” Before I called, I knew what he was talking about already (I had been secretly hoping it would wash up onshore and be found by someone kind enough to return it — though — spoiler alert — did not expect it to work). Mark was flounder gigging off the same island I lost my phone. He scooped it up with his gigger. He found my home address by my license. He charged my iPhone… IT WAS IN COMPLETE WORKING ORDER. I almost can’t even explain my excitement. The DryCASE Waterproof Case saved me $400 because I didn’t have to buy a new iPhone. Insane. I guarantee this case works, as my iPhone was in it, license, and credit card… at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for 11 freaking days… and I just reactivated it to my cell service account. This product is excellent. The DryCASE saved money on a phone and more importantly for me, a couple of picture-memories of good parts in the rough day.

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