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NC Turkey Hunting Season is coming up!

NC Turkey Hunting Season is coming up!


The regular season starts on April 11th. Excited young teenagers under the age of 16 years have the pleasure to go into the wild to find their favorite Thanksgiving tradition food. N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission announced the start of Youth Turkey Hunting Season for April 4th.
To make sure you are prepared we listed the most important thing you should know before it is going into the wild:
  • Every harvest, shot by a youth, need to be reported to the Wildlife Commission through a Big Games Harvest Report Card.
  • The possession and season limit for a hunter is two turkeys per, one per day.
  • Youth season has a limitation of only one turkey.
  • Youth hunters need to be accompanied by an at least 21years old licensed person.
  • Dogs are not allowed for hunting wild turkey.
  • There are no electronic or recorded calls allowed during hunting wild turkey.
  • Pistols, rifles or black powder rifles are prohibited.
  • Make sure you have a promptly and properly validate as well as are registered for Big Game kill.
  • And last but not least no hunting of an area where bait has been placed until 10 days after all bait has been consumed or removed.
Aware of everything? Then you are ready to go!
Be safe and have fun!

Your DryCase Team


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