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Paddle Surfing in Vero Beach

Paddle Surfing in Vero Beach
Imagine being on the water paddle surfing and having the freedom to take a phone call at the same time. Lundy Fields, a proud DryCase customer, did just that! (And it’s probably a good thing he did)

Check out Lundy’s product review:
Fab case! Surf while talking on the phone! 08/29/16
‘I love my DryCase. It allows me to use my iPhone while SUP surfing and capture my session in Strava.
One day I was wearing my Apple Watch and my wife called right when a set arrived. I answered the phone call and told her to hold on for one sec, I then paddled into a set wave and after I had caught the wave I continued the phone conversation while surfing. This was all possible because of DryCase!’

So how is this possible?
Our Free Flow waterproof Bluetooth headphones pair to any smartphone and feature a waterproof microphone. They have a comfortable fit and a sporty look. Most importantly, they’ll bump your favorite tunes whether you’re going for a run, or paddling out. The Free Flow’s pair seamlessly to any device right through the DryCase, making these two items the perfect combo on the water.

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  • Corey Heim