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Protecting My Phones From Water Damage

Protecting My Phones From Water Damage

If you listen to the SMR Podcast (Simple Mobile Review) you know I recently have had a run of bad luck involving water and my Android phones. The first time I had a water issue my son, 18 months old at the time, pulled my phone into the tub. This time same kid now 21 months old was unexpectedly getting into the pool. I quickly got in to slow his progress, but I had my mobile phone in my pocket. I have heard every joke from Chris with my personal favorite being wanting me if he ever got stranded in the desert for my ability to find water.

The first time accident I had was because my phone was next to the bath tube when I was bathing my kids. The issue was the volume was too low so I needed the phone closer to hear it over the running water. My solution? I purchased the Expandable Capsule Speaker which allowed me to put my phone across the room while listening to podcasts. I like that the speaker charges via USB and the battery last for about 6 hrs so I don't have to constantly charge it.

With my most recent water incident, I had to rethink how I will handle my phone when I plan to be at the beach or pool. My solution was the DryCase. I am sure more logical people would just suggest keeping your phone away from these areas but let's not get extreme. The DryCase works amazingly well with my Zune HD, iPod Touch, and Chriss Nexus One, but there was a minor issue with my BlackBerry Storm. With the Dry case you use a small hand pump to remove air from the pouch but the Storms sure press keyboard gets compressed when you remove the air, thus making onscreen selection impossible. I did find removing slightly less air kept the vacuum seal while allowing the device to function in the case.

Now, to listen to my podcasts when at the pool or beach, I am using the H2O Audio Surge Waterproof Headphones. They only cost me $37 so I cannot complain much about sound. Now Chris on the other hand quickly commented about the level of base in the headsets, but for the price and my usage, they are perfect.

I used the DryCase and headsets at the pool on Saturday and all I can say is amazing. I put the DryCase in a pocket of my swim trunks popped in one Earbud from the H2O headsets and went into the pool. I was able to listen to 4 hrs of podcasts while playing and swimming with my kids. Talk about multi-tasking. I did not have any issues, it was cool to be underwater listening to voices clearly. I assume my wife is not a huge fan, but this greatly helps me.

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