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Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof case

Samsung Galaxy S8 Waterproof case
Looking for a Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof case? Well, leave it to DryCASE to protect your Samsung Galaxy.

Take a look at what one of our amazing customers has to say about our Samsung Galaxy S8 waterproof case.

“I tried the Dry Case DC-13 that I had purchased for my Galaxy S4 with the OtterBox defender case on my new Samsung Galaxy S8 plus with the Otterbox Defender case on it, without the Holster clip on the case.

It fit like a glove and I was able to use the Waterproof headset with the S8 Plus.

This surprised me in that it was just large enough to fit my Galaxy S4 with the Otterbox defender case. I now have a Dry case on my Phone when I am near Water. With all the rain California got this year I will be around water a lot.

You make a great case and I am thankful that I purchased the most current size of the Dry case for Smartphones.

Keep up that magnificent work, If I need to replace this case I now know which size and model will work with my new Galaxy S8 plus.


Do your Samsung Galaxy S8 a favor & let DryCASE be apart of your all your water-filled adventures.

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