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Snow's Cut: The man, the bridge, the cooler

Snow's Cut: The man, the bridge, the cooler
Major William A. Snow, WWI Veteran, and U.S. Army Engineer was tasked in 1929 with bridging the gap between Wilmington and Carolina Beach. (literally) Snow led the $5.3 million dredging project, along with the engineering and construction of what is known today, like The Snow’s Cut Bridge.

The bridge was not originally set to be named after Snow. However, when the townspeople saw what a precise and efficient job Snow did engineering the bridge, the town started a petition to have his name enshrined on the bridge. His work was so precise in fact, that at the end of the bridge’s construction, a lock to hold the bridge in place was not even needed, and was thrown out.

Why is any of this relevant, you may be asking? Because here atDryCase, we name all of our new products after renowned local landmarks. So when searching for the name of our brand new soft cooler, the decision was unanimous after hearing the story of Snow’s precise work in constructing his bridge. After extensive research, and multiple iterations to our initial design, we were able to release a product that we were extremely proud of, and we feel can be an absolute game changer for not only our business but for the industry as well.

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