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SUP, DryCASE! Paddle Boarding Necessities

SUP, DryCASE! Paddle Boarding Necessities
Today, accessibility and connectivity to our media is a necessity. We want our media devices with us at all times, while enjoying the fun times in our lives! There's only one problem, if you’re anything like us, that means a lot of time in and around water.

But don't worry, we got it covered literally. We offer a full line of waterproof products essential for any waterman!

Our big 3 for paddle boarding:

The DryCase, the DryVibes, and the basin backpack. Including this combination in your daily paddle boarding adventure is guaranteed to offer an exceptional level of protection, convenience, and entertainment.

It all starts with the Drycase. Having your cell phone or tablet with you on a relaxing paddle can be an essential tool. With DryCase you have the ability to keep your
Smart Phone or Tablet safe and buoyant while still being able to access all of your phone’s functions. This means you still have the ability to take crystal clear photos, make phone calls, and listen to your favorite tunes while out on the water.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your favorite music for the perfect SUP session? We thought so too. Of course, we offer a full line of in-ear headphones with DryBuds, but many stands up paddlers want to enjoy the sounds of their favorite songs all around them. The DryVibes waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an instant game changer! This little speaker packs a punch! With enough bass to go around, the DryVibes can create an indoor shower concert in the mornings, a soothing hot tub companion to set the mood or the perfect soundtrack for your next paddle. Simply connect to the speaker via Bluetooth on your media device and you’re ready to jam. Best of all, the DryVibes comes with a built-in suction cup powerful enough to stick to your board, through waves and rough waters.
Wow, the perfect SUP day just got so much better, huh? We thought so, but carrying your board and paddle is already enough of a hassle to and from the water. That’s why the Basin Waterproof Backpack is an absolute necessity for your SUP session. The Basin Backpack offers 20 Liters of storage to pack all of your valuables. This stylish and comfortable bag is extremely practical for the SUP lifestyle. We’ve even added 4 carabiner friendly suction cups, to seamlessly attach the Basin to your board!
What are you waiting for? Get out there! Just make sure, you make it the perfect day with our Big 3 SUP essentials! Get the SUPerior protection and entertainment you deserve with DryCASE.

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  • Corey Heim