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The best phone case for snow skiing and snowboarding

The best phone case for snow skiing and snowboarding
You’ve heard quite a few reasons from us by now about how perfect the DryCASE is for water activities – but what about winter sports? The DryCASE offers waterproof protection for phones and cameras while skiing and snowboarding also. To all of the snow skiers and snowboarders out there – the DryCASE offers the same protection on a snowboard as it does on a wakeboard.

DryCASE customer and experienced snow skier, Russ, offers 7 reasons why the DryCASE is a great phone case for snow skiing:

1. It’s on a lanyard (No accidental drops from a chairlift!)
2. TouchTech gloves work fine through the case – allowing full access to your phone’s touchscreen while still keeping your hands warm
3. It’s intended to be a phone/camera housing and it works great.
4. It has an earphone plug (Allowing you to listen to your favorite jams while on the slopes)
5. Bluetooth to helmet speakers works great (Just air, no water)
6. It’s durable
7. It works in the hot tub!

Russ provided us with a photo tour of his experiences on the slopes with the DryCASE. Each of the following pictures was taken with his very own DryCASE – check them out!

“Ahhh, the great outdoors. Breckenridge 6 chair w/E lift in the background.”

“I love my DryCase! (above my nose.) It’s a high quality, waterproof “case/pouch” for my phone with a lanyard. It’s for diving, but it works fabulously for skiing. Go online in the chair with no drop-the-phone issues.”

“iPhone through the DryCase. L O N G shot with an iPhone? Foolish! But even through the DryCase, it’s better than I expected.”

“Another long shot looking up Contest Bowl.”

“DEW TOUR! Men’s, Semi-Final Freeski half pipe. The weather is usually lousy and I like it at night, but can’t really complain about this day.”

“All photos are iPhone6, Camera+ through DryCase. It’s kinda crazy to think images would turn out, but not nearly as crazy as what these skiers do.”


“Double my fun Friday. I get to watch half pipe AND slopestyle competition simultaneously!”

“Not a good time to be wondering which way is up.”

“OR down.”

“Hmm, just launched off a 22′ wall of ice, guess I’ll make it look good.”
Thanks again, Russ, for helping us show that the DryCASE is for Winter sports too!

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