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Waterproof Camo Backpack for any Occassion

Waterproof Camo Backpack for any Occassion

Dry Case: A Waterproof Camo Backpack for any Occasion

Mossy Oak’s Gear Spotlight

Provided by Brian Stephens |

I love to hunt, film and produce quality TV and video but I am also a junky. A gear junky, that is. I love the opportunity to help provide insight to you regarding new products on the market. The following product is one that I admit I got really fired up about. It is the Dry Case Brunswick Bag. This bag is one of those must-have pieces of gear if you spend any time in the outdoors.

The Brunswick waterproof backpack in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades pattern is 100-percent waterproof, helping keep your gear dry in the nastiest weather conditions. The Brunswick is unique because of its two-way purge valve. With the purge valve you can inflate or compress the backpack, and even use it as a draining tool if using the backpack as a portable cooler or shower. I cannot tell you how many times in the past I could have used a bag like this. I have hunted in Arizona over the past few years and had to take showers using a cup or baby wipes. No fun. This pack could have easily helped me take a shower after a long day looking for bears on the side of a mountain.
The backpack includes a fully waterproof main compartment capable of holding 30 liters. That is a lot of space! It also has an internal zippered waterproof pocket to store smaller items, a front mesh pocket so you can keep wet items out of the waterproof area, side water bottle holder, bungee cords that can hold your other Dry Case items, lots of padding on the shoulder straps and back support for a comfortable hold for those long days in the outdoors.

I would have loved to have this bag on our last two trips. The first trip to Key West we were spearfishing and bowfishing. Having to deal with a boat and wet conditions with our cameras and other gear is not easy. Recently, we were down in Louisiana bowfishing giant alligator gar on airboats. The Brunswick waterproof bag would have been a great resource on both of these trips to store our gear and cameras that could not get wet but needed to be organized and readily accessible.

[Dry-Case_ll] The Brunswick has a 100-percent waterproof main compartment that can hold a lot of water, gear and or supplies. It is made from a Marine Grade waterproof fabric (high quality Polyester Polyurethane) that helps the Brunswick keep items inside the bag dry. Additionally, I will be using this bag on those rainy or wet days in the deer woods to help keep my gear dry. The Mossy Oak Shadow Grass pattern will help to ensure the bag blends into the environment no matter if I am on the ground or in a treestand. I also really like the 2 Way Purge Valve (inflation/compression) to allow me to adjust the bag to the contents I have inside. For me, even if I do not use the Brunswick as a primary pack when I travel, I will always have it with me. I will rely on it to keep gear dry in the event a storm moves in and I still need to be in the outdoors.

There are a number of other really nice features that should not go unmentioned with the Brunswick pack that include: water resistant zipper outer storage pocket, drink holder, bungee straps, padded lower back support, padded waist and hip support, waterproof padded shoulder straps to help keep the pack comfortable on those long hikes or walks, tie downs/front straps, chest straps, and an internal zippered pocket.

Additionally, the Brunswick has a removable internal velcro wallet compartment, durable rubber top hold handle, and webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag. Overall, the Brunswick is a highly functional backpack for any scenario where you may have to deal with wet or bad weather conditions. This is not just a waterproof bag but more of a tool that has many functions to help you keep your gear dry and help you in the field that includes a shower and cooler.
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