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DryCase Waterproof Phone Case

Dry Case waterproofs your cell phone

Oct 3, 2012

I got the opportunity to try a new waterproof case from Dry Case.  Dry Case uses vacuum sealed technology to keep your device dry.  You simply place your device inside a clear lockable bag and then suck the air out with a small squeeze pump. You can still use your smarphone’s touchscreen through the thin
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Protect your gadgets from sand, water, and other potential hazards

Aug 28, 2012

Taking a tablet, phone, or e-book reader to the beach is second nature—and also nerve-wracking, given how easily water and sand can wreck gear. We’ve told readers to use zipper or slider food bags to protect devices. But you can also buy special bags that makers claim offer maximum protection, some with features that include
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DryCase Waterproof Backpacks

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Review: Moisture Ain’t a Thing

Aug 1, 2012

You want to run around like some wilderness badass. Climbing in the Rockies. Surfing in the Rockaways. Whatever. You can do it all if you’ve got some warm, dry gear to slip into when the adventure is over. Can this waterproof backpack make it happen? What Is It? It’s a medium-sized waterproof backpack. Who’s it
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Waterproof high-tech gadgets for your summer beach trip

Jul 12, 2012

Summer means fun in the sun, but you’d better have protection — especially for your gadgets. Here are three high tech gadgets to take with you to the water. DryCASE Take your smartphone for a swim. That may sound like an awful idea, but you really can with the waterproof DryCASE. The vacuum-sealed technology keeps
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Video Review: Can The Dry Case Waterproof Backpack Withstand A Dip In A Pool?

Jun 10, 2012

First of all, let me say that the Dry Case Waterproof Backpack is designed for use in outdoor environments with the main goal of keeping things in the inner compartment dry. Clearly, all the marketing pictures at, show people using the bag in wet, outdoorsy places (on a canoe, on a boat, etc), and
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Vacuum Seal Your iPhone?

May 27, 2012

DryCASE is the ONLY Waterproof Case that Actually Vacuum Seals Portable Electronics Don’t you wish you could bring your iPhone, Droid, or other portable electronic device to the beach or pool without worrying that it might get wet and ruined?  Do you find it difficult to trust those “waterproof bags” that look nothing more like
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10 Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster

Apr 9, 2012

The weather is warming up, which means you’re ready to take on the elements. In preparation for summer swimming, cycling and singing in the rain, make sure to keep your smartphone well-protected. We’ve gathered 10 waterproof smartphone cases that’ll help prevent many an accident. Looking for an everyday waterproof iPhone cover? Or maybe a kooky
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Submerge Your Phone Underwater with DryCASE

Nov 18, 2011

Whether you’re heading for the slopes, the beach or just your bath tub, rest assured you can bring your smartphone, tablet or other device worry-free. DryCASE uses a waterproof, vacuum sealed enclosure to keep electronics dry and functional. Because the enclosure isn’t a fitted case but instead more like a pouch, the DryCASE fits most
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A Waterproof Case To Use Your iPad or Kindle In the Bath

May 16, 2011

Though you can easily shove your Kindle in a Ziploc bag (or two, for double-bagging double-security) and maintain near 100% functionality, it’s not as simple for an iPad. I mean, it does work for tapping and typing, but you miss out on two key features that this DryCase brings: vacuum sealing and a headphone/microphone jack.
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Drycase Waterproof Device Bag

Feb 17, 2011

I’m sure there are people at my gym who call me “headphone guy.” I don’t like going to the gym. The older guys are all cops and the younger guys want to be cops. The women are all girlfriends or armpieces of cops. I wear headphones — the serious kind, so I don’t have to
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