Waterproof Camo Backpack

DryCase Waterproof Camo Backpack
DryCase Waterproof Camo Backpack
DryCase Waterproof Camo Backpack

Product Description

The Brunswick waterproof backpack in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades Camouflage is 100% waterproof and one of a kind, because of its two-way purge valve. With the purge valve you can inflate or compress the backpack. When inflated, this backpack will double as a flotation device. When compressed it will fit easily into a small space on a kayak, canoe, or boat.
The 35 liter cavity of the backpack is well insulated, and can easily be used as a cooler. For our hardcore outdoorsmen, the inside cavity can be filled with water, and with a simple twist of the purge valve, will create an outdoor shower for the user. An internal zippered waterproof pocket is also inside the cavity to store valuables.
Other features include a front mesh pocket to keep wet items out of the waterproof area, a water bottle holder on the side, and bungee cords that can hold any other DryCASE items you may be carrying. This bag also features substantial padding on the shoulder straps and multiple back support for a comfortable hold. Clipping the waist strap closed will also alleviate stress from the shoulders and back. The Shadow Grass Blades pattern makes for the perfect for duck hunting backpack!

Product Features


"Protection versus flexibility. Style versus comfort. The Dry Case Waterproof Backpack is almost the great bridge between these bifurcate needs." - TECHCRUNCH Read the Full Review

"It's pretty damn waterproof! Rain, splashes, and even a quick dunk do not inundate this bag." GIZMODO Read the Full Review

"You can press all the air out and the vacuum effect keeps everything tightly together" TREKTECH See the Full Review