Basin Darksky

    Basin Darksky


    -100% Waterproof Main Compartment
    -20 Liters of Storage
    -High Quality Waterproof TPU Material
    -2 Way Purge Valve (inflation/compression)
    -Perfect Size Carry-On Bag
    -Drink Holder
    -Bungee straps
    -Padded lower back support
    -Waterproof padded shoulder straps
    -Tie downs / Front straps
    -Chest straps
    -Durable rubber top hold handle
    -Webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag

    The Basin Backpack is a 100% waterproof deck and board bag that can be used for any outdoor activity. The Basin features a two way purge valve located on the bottom of the bag allowing you to squeeze out any air trapped inside or fill the bag with air to make it float. The two-way valve even doubles as a draining tool if you want to fill it with ice and use the backpack as a portable water-cooler! Simply roll down the top closure and secure it shut to ensure that your bag is ready for the water.

    **WARNING: Cancer and Reproduction Harm

    Return Policy

    Dry Case, LLC return policy states that if the product is returned unused within seven days a refund will be issued to the retail customer.

    Outside the seven day period, there is a one year product replacement warranty.

    That is the retail customer will be given a replacement for defective product from the store or website that they purchased it from.

    Authorized Resellers of DryCASE should honor this replacement policy.

    What if my phone or camera gets wet?

    Will you replace it?

    There are so many ways and there is no way of knowing how anyone’s electronic device might get damaged. Many of us have wet and broken devices from earlier accidents (That is why Dry Case was invented!). We cannot assume responsibility for wet devices otherwise people could all return their old electronics to us. Again, when used properly, with the vacuum seal intact, it will remain completely dry. If you have any questions please contact us at