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Best headphones you'll ever use while swimming

Best headphones you'll ever use while swimming
Where will you find a pair of 100% waterproof and completely submersible headphones…

Look no further! DryCase has a complete line of 100% waterproof, submersible stereo headphones that are perfect for swimming! Our DryCase Drybuds Chill, Fusion and Overhead are the best headphones for swimming and plug right into our DryCase waterproof smartphone case. Just strap up, plug in and go!
Our DryBuds Chills are perfect for the relaxed pool-goer. These headphones are completely submersible up to 3 meters or about 10 feet and sound great, even underwater!
These Drybuds are designed with an extremely active user in mind. The Fusions utilize an over ear clip that keeps the buds in place in almost any situation. These headphones are tested up to 30 feet or 10 meter and perfect for anything from swimming laps to shallow free diving, to snorkeling! The Fusions also include a microphone so you may take your calls without skipping a beat!
Finally, our DryBuds Overhead is our most advanced, completely submersible pair of headphones. These headphones are tested up to 60 feet or 20 meters, making these the best headphones for those who love spending their time participating in underwater activities! With the around the head design and the built-in microphone, the overheads are the perfect choice for the active person who is always on the go.

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  • Corey Heim