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Let us tell you about our story.

After ruining a phone during a contract, Co-founders of DryCase thought it was time to transition their vacuum sealed waterproofing technologies for the medical industry to the electronic industry. They were able to find a way to keep electronics sealed away from the elements while having full capabilities of all the phone’s features.

Our story makes us unique. 

DryPro has over 10 years of experience in the medical industry. They started out by providing a high quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, Ostomies, PICC lines and prosthetics, offering complete waterproof protection. Its patented vacuum seal assures that a cast or bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water. The gang at DryPro figured if the vacuum seal could keep an important surgery site, cast or PICC line dry, then they could use the same technology on electronics.

The DryCase was created with the same quality DryPro has used to in creating their very successful line of medical products. To learn more about the DryPro waterproof body protection visit our company web site at

DryCase's world headquarters are located in Manchester, GA. Every single DryCase that we receive is hand tested by one of our employees for 8 hours to ensure the case is 100% waterproof. 

Our Mission

DryCase provides the world’s outdoor enthusiast with epic waterproof products that work as hard 

and play as hard as we do.

Versatile & Durable

Our backpacks are versatile enough to withstand changes in plans – including a need for a portable cooler, thanks to our two way valve system, durable design and 20 liters of storage.

Weathers the Elements

These backpacks are 100 percent waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if the weather is going to put a damper on your plans.

Comfortable in Conditions

With waterproof padded shoulder straps, bungee/chest straps and padded lower back support, our backpacks provide you with the comfort needed to carry your gear over long distances or even rough terrain.