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Dry Case: Savior of all Things Small and Electronic

Dry Case: Savior of all Things Small and Electronic

If you find yourself unexpectedly falling into large bodies of water or banks of snow with some regularity, then the Dry Case could be for you. This fully waterproof pouch is vacuum-sealed via a medical grade one-way valve and a handheld vacuum sealer-duper (Dry Case hasn't taken that on as official terminology yet). It features a watertight audio jack and neoprene armband, so you can wear it like an iPod armband and use it for swimming, wakeboarding, or gargoyling a keg. Just don't forget the waterproof headphones (try H20s Armature Headphones, $99;

While the Dry Case is geared more toward the aquatic user, it has a place for the skier too. In the springtime, wear it around your arm and shred the park, or remove the armband and stow it in a jacket pocket. The vacuum seal keeps the bulk down and the audio jack is a great way to enjoy your tunes without the risk of drowning your mp3 player. You can toss a camera in the pouch and take photos through the clear plastic, but be sure to test your shots first. The case fits about every type of gadget you are prone to carry, from iPods to Zunes to Blackberries. One bummer: Using the scrolling device on iPods can be tricky through the plastic, so set it on a good playlist before you load the chairlift. [$35;] Jake Davis

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