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DryCASE Freedive and Underwater testing

DryCASE Freedive and Underwater testing
This weekend we decided to go out and test the DryCASE while free diving and spearfishing. It was well worth it for the boat ride alone, as we speed out to where we thought the dive spot would be. I used the extreme activity arm band and strapped the Velcro over the metal bar above the center console of the boat. This worked well because it held the phone in place but still allowed me to pick it up and move it around a little if I needed to use it.

DryCASE attached to center consol with Armband

This came very handily when we realized the coordinates that we had weren’t exactly correct. We were able to look up the correct confidantes through the DryCASE, while the boat was cruising along splashing water over the bow. Once we arrived at the spot I jumped right in with my iPhone enclosed in the DryCASE. I dove 20 feet down with a bottom time of about 45 seconds, and the phone remained completely Dry and Sealed. I also got a chance to take a photo through the DryCASE. We had all just gotten out of the water and we were dripping wet and we wanted to have a photo of the fish while it still had all its color (no time for us to dry off). Here’s a picture of the Sheepshead Jon speared taken through the DryCASE.

Photo taken through DryCASE after a successful trip

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