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DryCASE: Great Gift For Scuba Divers

DryCASE: Great Gift For Scuba Divers
DryCASE: great gift for scuba divers. Divers are a passionate bunch, they love their sport and they love their gear. The DryCASE waterproof smartphone case with a unique vacuum seal is the newest must-have for every sound deprived diver.

This week, Scubadviser highlights 10 Gifts to give a Scuba Diver this year:

Phones and water don’t mix (and I speak from personal experience on this one!) After my last sorry experience, I invested in a dry bag, just for my phone. I’ll be honest, I’ve not one yet which I’m totally happy with. The first one broke fairly quickly and the second one doesn’t seal very easily so I’ve been on the hunt for something new. This one from DryCASE doesn’t come cheap by looks the business. After all, they do say “buy cheap, buy twice.” In this instance, I think that’s true. It’s worth investing a bit more to get something which really works.

Whether you’re hanging on the boat or exploring the cockpit of a wrecked pirate ship, DryCASE will keep your gear safe from the elements.

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