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DryVibes Waterproof Speaker Success in Store

DryVibes Waterproof Speaker Success in Store
If you're one of our dealers and you have one of our awesome waterproof speakers, now is the perfect time to get them sold out of your store! The holiday season is the best time for electronic sales and we believe our speaker is a steal.
Your speaker also comes with:
  • suction cup mount
  • bike mount
  • tripod mount
  • karabiner mount
The DryVibes also features an FM radio, booming bass, and lights that change colors. The DryVibes 2.0 retails for $99.99 where most other good waterproof speakers are double the price!

Our retailer, South End Outfitters in Topsail Beach, NC hasn't been able to keep them on their shelves! They've found that playing their speaker on their counter has proven effective in sales for them. They usually plug their speaker in and allow it to provide them their music for the day. Try this out with your FREE speaker and you'll see the return on your investment. Your customers are looking for these items now, so be sure you can provide.

We want to make your holiday sales season merry and bright! Order your 5 DryVibes today and get your demo speaker FREE! Only available until January 1st.

If you need further assistance, give us a call at 910-791-0009.

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