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Floating DryCase Protects Your Phone From Water Damage

Floating DryCase Protects Your Phone From Water Damage
If you're into outdoor sports and spend a lot of time around water and are looking for a solution to keep your mobile phone safe from water damage, you may want to consider the Floating DryCase. The waterproof case is said to offer full access to your handset unless of course, you have a flip phone in which case, you may have to rely more on the Bluetooth features of the phone a little more.

Aside from that, it is a see-through case which is said to even offer users the ability to take clear pictures through the case itself. The vendor also puts the cases under strict quality assurance testing by submerging the case underwater overnight to ensure that the waterproof seal is firmly in place before the case is shipped out. In addition to this, each case comes with a buoyant armband so that the case floats on the surface of the water rather then dropping like a stone if it is accidentally released while you're swimming in the ocean.

The vacuum sealed case sells for $39.99 through Dry Case.

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