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Gadget King Review

Gadget King Review
Since I am hopelessly addicted to my iPhone I am always on the lookout for gadgets that would let me get the most out of it. I came across a cool new gadget called the DryCase, which lets me take my iPhone underwater! It's a nifty waterproof case that fits my iPhone perfectly. The DryCase is totally transparent, so not only I can see the screen perfectly, but I can also use the camera feature. It also comes with an armband, which happens to be buoyant, a great locking mechanism that creates a waterproof seal, an air pump that lets you suck the excess air out of the case, and a headphone and microphone jack that connects to your waterproof headphones (not included). By the way, even if you do not own an iPhone, the DryCase can be used with other mp3 players and even portable cameras. All in all, a pretty useful and well-made gadget!


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