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Jim Cantore Swears by DryCASE to Keep His Cellphone DRY!

Jim Cantore Swears by DryCASE to Keep His Cellphone DRY!
You know it’s a bad day when meteorologist Jim Cantore and his Weather Channel crew show up. When hurricane warnings appear, squall lines and tornadoes threaten destruction, and blizzards bury whole towns, Cantore is the Weather Channel’s man on the scene. That means he always has his so-called mobile office packed, ready to go, and full of geek gadgets.
Popular Mechanics sat down the Jim to find out what this storm tracker can’t live without in the field.

“Cantore’s cellphone is his lifeline, and he’s almost always in torrential downpours. He swears by DryCASE, which allows him to seal electronics in plastic, pump out excess air to create a vacuum pouch, and still plug in an earpiece and have full touchscreen functions. ”

Jim Cantore goes on to explain how he keeps everything charged in a disaster zone. “Mophie is my case, ” he says. “It’s essentially an extra battery pack in a protective case for your phone. When you can charge the case, it gives you 8 hours in addition to whatever your phone battery life is. When we are out there on the air, we are literally on the air for 14 hours or more at a time. I don’t have time to go charge my phone in the satellite truck. In Sandy, I was in New York at a Hilton but there was no power, no a/c, no hot water. It was pretty much four days of not being able to charge your phone until you got to a generator.”

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