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Submerge Your Phone Underwater with DryCASE

Submerge Your Phone Underwater with DryCASE
Whether you're heading for the slopes, the beach or just your bathtub, rest assured you can bring your smartphone, tablet or other device worry-free.
DryCASE uses a waterproof, vacuum sealed enclosure to keep electronics dry and functional. Because the enclosure isn't a fitted case but instead more like a pouch, the DryCASE fits most devices.

The directions are simple, but it's important you follow them to at. Doing otherwise could put that fancy new smartphone in jeopardy. Slide the device into the case, lock the enclosure and remove the air with an included hand pump. And easy as that, your phone is ready to go underwater, up to 100 feet. Electronics will continue to work, even their headphone and microphone functions, thanks to a three-way headphone jack. Rest assured that each case is vacuum sealed and tested overnight in water.

When I was at the CTIA wireless convention, these accessories were a hit. The guys from DryCASE dropped their iPads and iPhones into fish tanks without breaking a sweat. I have to admit that when using it for the first time, I worried about ruining my iPhone and voiding my AppleCare. But the case was a trooper. The touchscreen was functional but not as responsive as it'd be on land without a thick layer of plastic above it. The point of these cases though is more for ease of mind than for playing Angry Birds while snorkeling.

I'll never use the DryCASE more than I need to, but for instances in which I need to, I'll be glad its there.

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