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Tablets Go Any Place with DryCASE

Tablets Go Any Place with DryCASE

DryCASE is the ONLY Waterproof Case that
Actually Vacuum Seals Portable Electronics

Wilmington, NC (May 2013) — As many have found out the hard way, water, and electronics don't mix well. Some may try the plastic sandwich bag approach, however, this method rarely works. It certainly does not allow users to take underwater photos or videos while snorkeling, respond to emails at the beach, and listen to music while swimming laps in the pool, this is where the DryCASE comes in handy.

The DryCASE Tablet is the only vacuum-sealed, fully enclosed waterproof case that will protect your tablet or e-reader from water damage. It is also the only protective case that allows for full touch screen functionality.
Perhaps you want to watch a movie by the pool or use your favorite app in a bathtub. Now you can!

Without a vacuum seal, there's no way to guarantee complete air and water impermeability, says Dr. Roy Archambault, CEO of Dry Corp. Plus, since the DryCASE is sealed against your portable electronic device, you can still use your touch screen and keyboard.

The DryCASE Tablet also features a 3-way headphone and microphone jack. Match up the CASE with another DryCASE accessory, DryBUDS SPORT waterproof earbuds and listen to music or watch a movie at the beach or pool. The DryBUDS SPORT features a built-in waterproof microphone so you can make and take calls with ease.

Every DryCASE Tablet comes with a buoyant neoprene armband that can be used to attach the product to your arm, the console of a boat or anything else. The buoyant material also prevents your electronics from sinking to the bottom of the lake or ocean.

The DryCASE Tablet is 9 wide and 13 long and retails for $59.99. A smaller DryCASE for phones, cameras and MP3 Players For more information and to find a retailer, please visit or call 1-888-6000-DRY.

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