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The Masonboro: 5 Ways to Use our Waterproof Backpack

The Masonboro: 5 Ways to Use our Waterproof Backpack
Number #1: Use the Masonboro as a… backpack

No surprise here. The Masonboro is a waterproof dry bag backpack and should, therefore, be used as such. No matter the rain, wind or snow, the Masonboro will always be your best partner against any critical situations.
Take advantage of these 35 liters of storage and bring your favorite backpack with you every time you go out. Don’t be afraid to use it near water, it is also floating.
Our waterproof backpack is adapted for women and men with its waterproof padded shoulder straps, bungee/chest straps and padded lower back support.
Number #2: While fishing

Fishing has never been so much fun!

Nothing is better than a 35L waterproof bag especially when you go fishing and need to store all your fishing gear: fishing rod, reel, and wire, baits, hooks, knife…
You will enjoy fishing alone or with your friends, on the beach, on a boat or a kayak without having to worry about forgetting your equipment.
Between two throws, you will even have time to eat a piece and grab a fresh drink with our large Masonboro drink holder.
The Masonboro vs. River Currents

Number #3: While kayaking (but also canoeing and rafting)
The Masonboro is comfortable in any situation. It will provide you with the comfort needed to practice intense water-related activities such as kayaking, canoeing or rafting.
Our two-way valve system will help you compress the air inside the waterproof backpack to make it easier for the bag to fit in your kayak.
The Masonboro is 100% waterproof and floating. Its sturdiness makes it an efficient backpack able to adapt to the strongest river currents and resist the biggest waves.
Number #4: While camping
Are you one of these people who like to go camping outside, in nature, with just a tent? If yes, the Masonboro would be a great partner for you.
Our dry bag will allow you to take all your camping gear: tent pegs, mallet, sleeping bag… not forgetting food and beverages for your fireside meals.
The Masonboro will always fit your needs and give you the opportunity to enjoy a great sleep under the stars with your friends or family. You finally have a good reason to start camping, so pack up your tent and go!
On top of the world.

Number #5: While hiking
Climbing a mountain or hiking, in general, could be very exhausting… Good news for you! The Masonboro and its waterproof padded shoulder straps, bungee/chest straps and padded lower back support will help you to lighten the weight of the backpack during a climb or a ramble.
Store all your equipment in your waterproof backpack so you don’t have to worry if the weather is going to put a damper on your plans.
Number #6: How NOT to use the Masonboro?
Although the Masonboro has a large number of features, it is not recommended to use it in the following ways:
  • As a shield: Even if your waterproof backpack is very sturdy and resistant, and even if it covers your scent while hunting, it won’t protect you against a bear. Trust us, you don’t want to try…
  • As a boat: Obviously, the Masonboro is water resistant and able to float, but it does not mean that you can use it as a boat, a canoe or a raft.
  • As a fishing bait: Let’s be honest. Despite its beautiful design, no fish will fall into this trap.
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