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Bottle Opener now on our Waterproof Backpack

Bottle Opener now on our Waterproof Backpack
Additional Feature:

DryCase has now added another feature to its already outstanding waterproof backpack, a handy bottle opener. Instead of having to search for your keys or even look for that specific bottle opener that is lying under all your gear, you can now crack one open with this handy accessory! Being realistic, having to remove all of your precious gear just to search for a bottle opener leaves everything open to the elements. Taking a camera out around liquid can be risky; so do not fret when the bottle opener is conveniently located on the outside clip of the waterproof backpack. Who wants to spend their adventure searching for things when you could be relaxing and enjoying your time? Whether it is sitting on a boat, hiking a waterfall, or relaxing on the beach, the Blue Masonboro Waterproof Backpack is your go-to for convenience and durability. No more having to deal with ridiculous additions that decrease the appeal and efficiency of your gear. It is meant to work with you and make your adventure one remember, not create worries!

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The Convenient Bottle Opener on the Blue Masonboro Backpack!

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