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Surfing Waterproof Backpack

Surfing Waterproof Backpack
Trip to El Salvador: Surfing Waterproof Backpack

This spring break from March 7- March 14th marketing intern Zach Valenti traveled to El Salvador for a quick surf getaway. Embarking on this trip required hiking and hopping onto boats for access to surf destinations throughout the country. To successfully transport all of the needed gear for filming and documenting the trip, Zach used the Masonboro waterproof backpack. From jumping off waterfalls to plowing through waves, and getting out to the surf break, Zach put his Masonboro waterproof backpack to the test. With expensive camera gear and other essentials needed to document the session, it was imperative to keep everything nice and dry. Zachs Masonboro waterproof backpack did just that and then some! Getting the awesome footage would have been ridiculously hard without ruining all the gear if it wasn't for the Masonboro and its endless capabilities. Check out the footage below that Zach got with the help of his waterproof backpack!

The Masonboro waterproof backpack in action on Zach's surf trip.

The Masonboro waterproof backpack in action on Zach’s surf trip.

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