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DryCASE Makes the Perfect Father's Day Gift

DryCASE Makes the Perfect Father's Day Gift

With Fathers Day quickly approaching, many people are searching for the perfect gift to give Dad on his special day. DryCASE, the waterproof case for phones, cameras, and music players, makes the perfect gift for Dad this Fathers Day. Developed by Dry Corp, DryCASE is manufactured with the same high quality, waterproof protection that the company has used to make medical covers for more than ten years. Equipped with the waterproof vacuum seal used on DRYPro products, DryCASE will keep anything placed in the case dry and clean.

DryCASE is so simple to use and can be used for a variety of different items. All Dad has to do is place the item he wishes to keep dry inside the case and pump out the air. A vacuum seal is created and the case forms to the item inside. Just check the case for three minutes before jumping into the water and Dad can be assured that DryCASE is protecting his valuables inside the case.

DryCASE can be fully submerged in water, while the clear membrane and the three-way headphone jack allows you to use any available function of your phone, camera, or music player. DryCASE is durable enough to withstand any water or beach activity. Dad can stay connected, without worrying about water damage being done to his phone, camera, or music player. He will be able to make and receive calls, take and view pictures, or listen to music while DryCASE protects his personal electronic device. DryCASE is perfect for iPhones, iPods, and digital cameras of all shapes and sizes.

DryCASE is available now for an introductory price of $19.95, with free stereo headphones included with your purchase. DryCASE comes with a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product. Visit to order the perfect Fathers Day gift for your Dad today.

Father’s Day is June 21, 2009, so order DryCASE today!

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