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Drycase Waterproof Device Bag

Drycase Waterproof Device Bag

I’m sure there are people at my gym who call me “headphone guy.” I don’t like going to the gym. The older guys are all cops and the younger guys want to be cops. The women are all girlfriends or armpieces of cops. I wear headphones — the serious kind, so I don’t have to talk to anyone or hear Nickelback and all the other god-awful music they play. Frankly, I can’t imagine exercising without music. Truth is, I only go to the gym as a last resort. Anytime I can exercise outside, I take advantage. That’s where DryCASE comes in handy. You can bring your tunes — or a camera, phone, GPS, etc … onto the water.

DryCASE started as an offshoot of DryCORPS that made watertight bags for fiberglass casts. But with the rapid development of the digital age, its electronic offshoot grew faster than Rob Machado’s hair. It’s basically the tiniest dry bag ever, for your iPod, Droid, or iPhone. The most obvious use is anyone who spends a lot of time on the water. Has your smartphone ever fallen in the drink? What a pain in the ass! You have to go track down random phone numbers. Maybe you hadn’t backed your music up. The last batch of photos you took is gone. It’s a major hassle.

This isn’t merely water resistant. It’s not some ziplock bag that you drop your phone into and pray. In addition to the two locking devices, it creates a vacuum seal by sucking all the air out. The benefits are two-fold. Not only can you now use the touch screen, but your device is safe, even when submerged. They also make DryBUDS, a set of waterproof earphones.

“DryCASE is a perfect product for any surfer. Whether it’s listening to tunes on the beach before a heat, or taking your surf session to a new level by bringing your iPod out with you in the ocean,” says East Coast professional longboarder, Tony Silvagni.

You’re most likely not going to be rocking out to Vampire Weekend or the new Social D while you’re actually surfing, but if you’re into any kind of distance paddling, it’s a necessity. Anything to stay out of the gym.

Multiple applications. In addition to listening to music while you paddle or swim, you can also keep your phone from drowning when you get a boat ride to that hard-to-reach secret surf or fishing spot. It also basically turns your iPhone camera or Flip Mino into a waterproof video camera, perfect for shooting fun footage in the surf. Yep, just drop your recording device in here, swim out, and grab some tube shots (not recommended at Pipe, obviously.)

DryCASE also makes a larger version for the iPad, Kindle, and PC Tablet. Those are most likely for nerds who live in flood-prone areas or rock star-types who like to read the TMZ blog the hot tub.

Select surf shops and adventure outfitters are carrying the DryCASE now. To order one, or learn about the various accessories, go to the DryCASE store.

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