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Hiking Gear for Fall Adventures

Hiking Gear for Fall Adventures
Autumn is in full swing, which means summer sports are falling to the wayside. But even if it's no longer warm enough to really enjoy swimming, surfing, or other water sports, there's no need to hunker down indoors altogether. If there's one thing to enjoy about the season, its that the cooler weather can bring another favored pastime to the forefront again: hiking!
Before you go trekking along the trails in search of colorful leaves, though, take a look at our list of hiking must-haves for all your extended romps.

Layer it up!
Fall weather can be a little tricky especially if your area experiences the season like our home base of Wilmington, NC to take a moment to consider what you plan on wearing. If there's a chance you'll get too warm hiking in a sweater or long-sleeved shirt, wear something lighter and tuck a jacket away just in case.Canadian Rockies Adventure

A great backpack.
We're not saying you need to weigh yourself down with everything but the kitchen sink (especially for a short hike), but if you have multiple items to carry on your walk, then a backpack is one of the most convenient ways to do so. We also recommend finding a weather resistant option as well, since you never want to be caught in sudden rainfall without a little extra insurance!

Stay safe.
First-aid kits are a must, whether you're going out for an hour or several. There are lots of great options that you can stash in your pack without compromising your storage space, but make sure it includes the essentials: bandages, disinfectant, gauze, and tape, etc.

Capture your journey!
Pictures really are worth thousands of words, so make sure to catalog your foray into nature with lots of photographic evidence. That being said, whether you take your camera or your smartphone, you'll want to consider protecting it with a trusted case in the event of an accident or sudden bad weather. As always, DryCASE has you covered.

Suns out, funs out.
Just because summer has ended doesn't mean the sun quits! Always wear sunscreen whenever you plan on being outside for any considerable length of time.

A trusty map.
You cant go exploring without knowing where you want to go. If you're going on a hike in a previously unknown place, be sure to pack a map of the area or trail in case you happen to get turned around. We also suggest a compass; you can never go wrong with methods of keeping yourself on track, even if they do predate GPS!

We hope that you enjoy the oncoming cooler weather and fall leaves, and remember all the essentials when you go hiking; enjoy the great outdoors and conquer any condition!

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