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Will a DryCASE fit the newest iPhone X?

Will a DryCASE fit the newest iPhone X?
Its always exciting seeing the latest and greatest products that Apple is releasing, with the most recent being the iPhone 8 that was released earlier this week. With the new durable all-glass technology, a better than ever before camera, and improved battery life you're not going to want to put your phone down, let-alone leave it at home for your next adventure. Whether that may be hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, Stand Up Paddleboarding in the Bahamas, or White Water Rafting in Malaysia, you'll need a case that will help you keep your phone dry and working to document all of your amazing experiences. The DryCase Smartphone Case will keep your phone safe and usable during your wildest adventures, or just a relaxing day by the pool.

Why is the vacuum seal more effective than other waterproof cases?
With DryCASEs patented vacuum seal technology, first you seal your smartphone in the case, and then you pump the remaining air out of the case to create the vacuum seal. This guarantees that your case has an airtight seal, every time, to prevent any water from entering and damaging your smartphone.

The new iPhones are water resistant, why would I need a waterproof case on top of that?
While the iPhone 8 is water resistant, it is only resistant up to 3 feet for 30 minutes, while the DryCASE has been tested to be waterproof up to 100 feet submersion for an hour. While this may make your iPhone safe to have out in the rain, or less susceptible to damage if something were to spill on it, it won't be a good idea to take it with you if there is any real possibility of the phone being underwater or exposed to wet conditions for an extended period of time. DryCase makes it an option to take your phone with you, and not risk losing it to water damage, wherever your adventures take you.

Will my new iPhone X fit in the DryCASE as well?
Absolutely! Our DryCASE dimensions are large enough to fit the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 Plus, so there is plenty of room for an iPhone X. The iPhone X is slightly larger than a 7 or 8, yet still smaller than the Plus, so there is no need to worry, the DryCASE will fit any and all of your smartphone needs.
Whatever situation you find yourself in with your new iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the DryCASE Smartphone Case will make ensure that your new phone stays dry and protected.

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