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The Epic 8 Day Unsupported Yak Trip

The Epic 8 Day Unsupported Yak Trip

Early this April, our friend Chris from Hook Line and Paddle decided to gear up and take a 200-mile kayak trip along the mighty Cape Fear River. The journey took eight days and four men to complete. The crew was made up of Outfitter, Chris Tryon, Riverkeeper, Kemp Burdette, Photographer, Andrew Kornylak, and Writer, Jeremy Markovich. It all began at the Jordan Lake Dam in Apex and wound through the state until the boys finally stepped back on land for good in the shadow of the iconic Oak Island Lighthouse.

The 8-day trip was unsupported

so the team had to bring a ton of gear. And it had to be gear they trusted to hold up in any conditions. With 3 foot swells at times, rapids at others, and freak thunderstorms to battle, the gear played no small part in this adventure.
Among that gear was a collection of DryCase dry bags and our new Snow’s Cut cooler. The new Snows Cut Soft Cooler kept our food and water cold for our 8-day trip! The Snows Cut was a necessity as we did our trip unsupported. -Chris (the guy with the sweet beard)
I’d love to sum up the trip for you here, but frankly, Jeremy is a way better writer than me, and well…he was there. Before I redirect you to the story though, I’ll give you a little teaser, and leave you with my favorite quote from the article.
“By day four, I zoned out for hours at a time, humming to the rhythm of my strokes…Fallen trees were no longer unusual, gnarled logs were no longer curious, flapping ducks were no longer startling. Nature was no longer new. It was normal.”

Read the full article from Our State Magazine, right here.

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