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You'll Know Your Tunes are Water-Tight with DryCASE

You'll Know Your Tunes are Water-Tight with DryCASE

Have you every zipped your MP3 player into a waterproof pouch before stand up paddling out on the water only to find out, after going for a swim, that it wasn't properly sealed? Do you find yourself holding your breath as you take your iPod in the water hoping the water doesn't leak in on your $400 iPhone?

If so, DryCASE vacuum sealed technology with giving you the peace of mind you’re looking for. DryCASE sent us a DryCASE and DryBUDS waterproof earphones combo to test out in local Hawaiian waters during the summer race season, and we were impressed. DryCASE is one of those, Why didn't I think of that? pieces of equipment. Heres our review:
What sets DryCASE apart from all the other waterproof cases out there? It's definitely the vacuum seal technology. With traditional waterproof pouches, you put your phone or player in the pouch, close the top, then hope and pray that the water stays out. With DryCASE, after you seal your MP3 player in the pouch, you attach a small hand pump to a valve on the pouch, and with 2 or three squeezes, all the air has been sucked out of the DryCASE, and you KNOW its watertight.

The pouch features a built-in headphone jack so you can plug in your waterproof headphones and put a soundtrack to your workout. On that note, the DryBUDS waterproof headphones are a hit. The sound is clear, and they are comfortable, yet snug, in the ear eliminating a lot of outside noise. Do they work in the water? Yes.

We will admit, it was a little unnerving at first jumping into the water with a piece of electronic equipment in the ears, but the headphones worked great and nobody was zapped. We didn't exactly go swimming with the headphones in, just the typical cannonball off the side of the stand-up paddle board. Usually at least one of the headphones remained in-ear after a dip in the water.

DryBUDS never gave any discomfort even after hours of continuous use, which is a huge plus in our book. Our conclusion about DryBUDS is they are great headphones both in and out of the water with plenty of cord so you can move without accidentally yanking them out of your ear.

Smartphone users will appreciate that DryCASE makes it possible for users to use their touch screen through the pouch as well as make phone calls. From a safety standpoint, this is a big plus. We've all heard of guys getting rescued off buoys after losing a board out on the open ocean. A phone in the pocket or attached to the arm would make a call for assistance, quick and easy.
The crystal clear pouch will even allow you to take photos through DryCASE. With all the air removed, the tight fit makes snapping photos through the case, easy, especially with camera phones.

Are there any downsides to DryCASE? Although we weren't sent a DryCASE sports belt for stand up paddling, we would recommend picking one of those up. The DryCASE package comes with a neoprene armband, however, we found it to be too small to fit really comfortably around the arm of a practiced stand-up paddlers biceps and triceps. You might want to consider an after-market armband or trying the DryCASE sports belt. The armband fits comfortably around forearms, but that was a bit cumbersome for stand up paddling. Wed prefer the bicep or waist.

Beyond that, whether you're looking to take your music or an emergency phone on the water, DryCASE is an easy solution that will fit a variety of electronic devices. The case is 4.25 x 6.5 and will fit almost any phone, camera, or music player. The vacuum technology lets you know that it's watertight every time. Now, DryCASE is available for iPads and Kindle readers.

To check out DryCASE in action be sure to check out the videos at where you can also order online for same day shipping.

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