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Surfing with my iPhone

Surfing with my iPhone

Now one might ask why would you want to ruin the zen of surf session by bringing your iPhone out in the line up with you. I think it’s important to know when to leave your phone in the car or at the house and enjoy the ocean. However, there have been some times when I simply could not go out surfing because I had to be available to be contacted if someone needed to call me (one of the drawbacks to running a company). Last Thursday was one of those days. I took my DryCASE and put my iPhone inside, this time I took off the armband and slipped the elastic leash key loop in my boardshorts pocket around the top of the DryCASE where the lanyard usually clips on. Then I slid the iPhone in my pocket and went surfing. I did get a few important work-related text messages that needed my immediate attention, and even one where I had to access my email. The best part was I was able to stay connected and still be out surfing! Here’s a shot I snapped while out in the ocean through the crystal clear DryCASE.

Surfing with my iPhone in DryCASE

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